There are 2 steps to register for the Ski Program, the Wachusett online registration and the Town of Pepperell Recreation Medical Form. Once you are registered, I’ll send a email confirmation.

Step 1: Register on Wachusett website

Register online at:
Group Code: PPRL

See below for explanation of the options during registration.

Step 2: Complete Ski Program Medical Form

Click here: Link to Medical Form

Register Online by December 5th for lower price


Some notes about on-line registration:

  • One form per participant. If you have 2 participants you will need to complete the on-line registration twice.
  • Parents of participants can use the online form to purchase Season Passes for themselves or other family members.
  • The bus fee is assumed for all online registrations. If you do not plan to take the bus, (ex. a parent purchasing a pass) please uncheck the box on the Wachusett registration form.
  • If you have any problems with the website or issues completing the registration, please contact the Wachusett Group Sales Office at 978-464-2300 Ext 3550
  • Contact me for any other questions regarding the program.

Although the online registration does not have a specific deadline, prices go up after December 5th and there is a possibility the program will fill up. I need to finalize the number of busses required in early December.

After you register online I’ll email you a link for the Medical Release Form.  As a Pepperell Recreation program, the Medical Release is required for program participation.

Ski Passes


A 6-week student lift badge or a Century Pass to Wachusett Mountain is needed for the program. The 6-week student badge is valid for the 6 Friday nights of the program. Century Passes are valid for skiing other days in addition to the 6 Friday nights of the program.

Those who elect to purchase a Century Pass instead of the 6-week student lift badge will be able to pick up their pass at Wachusett and go skiing before the start of the Ski Program. Students are responsible for bringing their Century Pass each week of the Program.


Pass/Badge Insurance Plan (Optional): If the Insurance Plan is purchased and the student drops out of the Ski Program for any reason, a cash refund will be issued, pro-rated for the number of skiing days remaining.

Without the Insurance Plan, a transferable Wachusett Mountain credit will be given, pro-rated for the number of skiing days remaining.

Note: Any refund or credit does not include the bus fee.

Equipment Rental

Ski, snowboard agroup_at_rentals03nd helmet rentals are available from Wachusett Mountain. If desired, please select these services on your registration form. The 6-week student lift badge will indicate if they are renting. Rental equipment needs to be returned at the end of each night of skiing.
Area ski shops, Zimmerman’s and Proctor Jones, also offer seasonal equipment rentals and/or a buy back/trade-in program. Rental for the season or a buy back program is a little more expensive than Wachusett’s Student Program rental however, you keep the equipment all season which allows the flexibility to go skiing outside the program.


Lessons are recommended for Beginners and Novices and will make your first few times on the mountain much more enjoyable.. The class is usually the same 4-8 students with the same instructor every week which allows the instructor to get to know the students and have the lessons progress from week to week. The 6-week student lift badge will indicate if they are taking lessons. There are no make-ups for missed lessons.

Contact Jim Pantano, Coordinator

For more information:
General Information
Ski Day schedule
Wachusett Student Program Brochure


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