Typical Ski Day

Thursday early morning – Email sent with updates or a notice that skiing is canceled.  Cancellations also announced at school.


  • Morning – Drop off equipment at NMS and NMRHS before school starts
  • 2:30pm – School Dismissal – Students get their equipment from storage and board the busses to Wachusett. Ski Passes handed out on the bus
  • 3:30pm – At Wachusett – Students are free to ski independently (Chaperones do not lead groups). Chaperones are always available at the Chaperone Table in the Lodge (In the Granite room near the fireplace)
  • 5pm to 6pm – Lessons
  • 7:30pm – Students finish skiing and pack up. Please put your name and “Pepperell” on clothing and equipment to help avoid lost items.
  • 7:45pm – Busses ready for boarding
  • 8:00pm – Busses depart Wachusett
  • 8:50pm – All busses arrive at Nissitissit Middle School

Preventing your stuff from being lost

Please put your name and “Pepperell” on your clothing and equipment. At the end of the night there is always items left on or under tables but the chaperones won’t know if it’s ours without a name. For additional security, there are lockers available behind the Starbuck’s.

Ski equipment (skis, poles, snowboards) are not allowed in the lodge. Wachusett offers a FREE ski watch near the Minuteman lift.  Simply hand your equipment to the Ski Watch attendant and he’ll give you a number (laminated on a string like the ski passes).

Contact Jim Pantano, Coordinator

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